Stilt Fishing

One of the most authentic South Coast Sri Lankan activities is the famous Stilt Fishing. For decades, local fisherman have sat on their stilts fishing over the coral to catch food for their families and sell to the markets. Taking picture of this beauty is not enough, you should definitely have a try stilt fishing! Take some pictures, enjoy a beer, try some fishing, and if you don't get a bite, don’t worry - your fish dinner will already be waiting for you back at Mellow.

Time: 2 hrs trip in the afternoon

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Koggala Lake Tour

Enjoy an afternoon at Cinnamon Island, Spice Garden, Temple Island, and a boat trip through a lake nearby some crocodiles. If all this doesn't charm you then the fish pedicure at the lake will!

Time: 2hrs trip anytime during the day

Safari – Uda Walawe National Park

About 700 Elephants call Uda Walawe their home and if you are lucky you will also see a leopard as well. The reservoir in the middle of the national park is inhabited by crocodiles and different types of water birds.  As it is best to go in the early morning, we will start the trip very early in the morning. 

Time:5 am-2 pm

Safari Yala National Park

This park inhabits wildlife such as crocodiles, elephants and hundreds of bird species as well as a possible chance of seeing a leopard.

Time: 5 am-2 pm


Sinharaja Rainforest

If you are fed up with the hot weather and just want to wear a raincoat or long sleeve shirt this is your place! After this 5 hour long trip in breezy cool weather you'll come back feeling refreshed and ready for some heat once again!

Time: 8 am - 1 pm




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Whale Watching-Mirissa

Another iconic thing to do in South and yes, the chance of seeing a whale is very high!

Time: 7 am-12 pm

Snake Farm

Although the snake farm exists mainly to teach school kids about snakes and how to create anti venom for treatment, it's still a really cool opportunity... and Instagram post ;) 

Time: 2 hrs trip anytime during the day

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