Sri Lanka - where the surf is our neighbor


Sri Lanka’s coastline offers a wide variety of surf, making it accessible to surfers of all levels.

Surf Lessons:
We are working with one of the best surf instructors in the island. From Level 1-3 they will teach you how to take off, turn, and how to read the waves
Each lesson for 6000 Rupees includes:
- 1.5 hour surf lesson
- board hire and the tuk tuk ride if needed
- personal instructor

Board Rentals: 
Throughout the coastline you'll find multiple places to hire a board. They all tend to include long boards and short boards, or
We have a selection here available for rent which includes longboards and shortboards of varying sizes: 
- 1 hr 500 Rs
- 1/2 day 800 Rs
- 1 day 1200 Rs


If you are not a first-timer then dig into our spot guide below for the best locations or talk to our surf instructors about surf safari details.

Surf Safari for intermediate and surfer fellows for 6000 Rupees includes:

-1.5-2 hours surf session
- Spot introduction (dangers, rips, currents, paddle out/in)
- board hire and the tuk tuk ride if needed
- personal instructor

-Escape the crowd with a private surf adventure
- Exotic locations & empty line-ups
- Photo & Video Analysis and feedback sessions


Pro tip!
Check with your airline for board size restrictions before your trip. If it's hassle for you to bring your board, you can always rent one from us.
Don't be a hero! In this tropical and humid environment, bacteria thrives, cuts take ages to heal, and are even prone to infection. If something happens, make sure to ask our staff for the first aid kit. If you get lucky and only the board shows signs of damage, then bring it to us and we'll see what we can do. Small dings can take us less than a few hours to repair, so you can be ready and set to go for another surf!