Rajith Surf Point, Ahangama

Just south of the Ahangama fishing poles you can find Rajith Surf Point. 5 min tuktuk ride from Mellow. Peeling classic A-frame holds up to 5ft with up to 350m rides. Intermediate reef break. Our surf instructor Rajith has a surfschool there where you can also rent boards. Rajith also teaches Level 2&3 lessons where you can get deeper in surf and become an advance rider. Come to the desk to get more info!

Devil Rock Surf Point

South of Ahangama, 10 min ride from Mellow, there is a great intermediate reef break with both left and rights, holds to 5-6ft and 350m rides. 

South Beach

Just north of Kabalana, deep reef break with slow lefts and rights that hold to 4ft. A good longboard wave. The beach is exposed so can get blown out easily in the afternoon winds.

Sticks Break, Kathaluwa

Just between South Beach and Kabalana there is a lovely left for advanced surfers. Shallow reef, long boarders and beginners have a deep reef at Kabalana. Not recommended for beginners.

Kabalana, The Rock, Surf Point

Kabalana Main Surf Point or The Rock as its is also known, is reputed to be the best A-Frame deep reef break in Sri Lanka which is right out front of Mellow. Generally it has good power, left and rights with a fast ride of around 400m. Great for intermediate surfers and advanced with a big swell. The National Surf contest in 2018 also took place in this spot.

If there are so many hot-heads on the peak, you can get some really long rides up to 500m on the side of the peak when the sets are coming and its mostly a deep reef so fairly forgiving.Perfect first reef break if you are a beginner/intermediate as it is generally a very predictable wave.

Kabalana is more a short board wave, Kabalana Beach break just on the side is better for long-boards. Between October to May waves can hold to 8-10ft, making it a popular break for intermediates, advanced and locals. 

Also between February and March you sometimes get two peaks on main point. Even when the swell is low the main point still works well on the tides. Daybreak to Sunrise is best when there is the lowest wind and clean glassy waves.

Kabalana, The Beach Break

Kabalana, The beach break is on the sides of the famous spot The Rock. Just cross the road from Mellow and you are there! If you are a beginner, and intermediate rider or a long-boarder; this is your spot! It has very long and mellow riders. Since it is a long beach break the crowd doesn’t stuck into one spot. This spot is highly recommended for the ones who are sick of the crowd of Weligama beach break! Between October-June it works for all levels, during the summer season it is more recommended to beginners for surf lessons or intermediates to improve their paddle and quick take of. There are some more challenging steep left and right on the beach side close to the main point. 

Photo credit @ezkimoo0

Photo credit @ezkimoo0

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photo credit @balinthambalko


Ram’s Right Surf Point, Midigama

This is an advanced spot for killers in the middle of Midigama. Just south of Mellow about a 10 mins tuktuk/bus ride along the main road. Short, fast and hollow right break. Fast left and right sections over a shallow reef. Clean barrels holding up to 5-6ft and a 400m ride.

Midigama, Lazy Right

Just north of Ram’s right, barefoot 5 min walking distance… South of Mellow about a 10 mins tuktuk/bus ride along the main road. Sister spot of lazy left, so if you are tired of the locals or advance goofy riders in lazy left just paddle 5 minutes to right and enjoy mellow rides to the right. More a long boarder spot but can see many regular short boarders as well. This spot is close to the main road and a short paddle out from the beach rocks. Deep reef break.

Midigama, Lazy Left 

Just south of Mellow about a 10 mins tuktuk/bus ride along the main road. Lazy Left as it’s name suggests is a mellow left hand wave on a deep reef that holds to 5-6ft on a good day.   Lazy’s works best at low tide so in reverse to most of the other breaks in the region. Good news if your goofy and a late riser. Evening sessions tend to be busy.

There is also a Lazy Right a short paddle from the left. 

It is located just south of Midigama station. Best to take minimal things to leave on the beach.

Midigama Right

Just north of Lazys, Midigama Right is close to the main road and a short paddle out from the beach rocks. Shallow reef break.

Coconut Point

Coconut point is a classic A frame point break, powerful peeling left and rights for a 400 m ride. Reef entry point or paddle from the sand on the right. Works best at high tide so generally sunrise and sun set. Usually a friendly local around to give you tips on on the best entry and exit points.

Plantation Right

Just on the right of Coconuts there is another reef break with a sand entry. Platations is more forgiving than Coconuts and favored more by beginners moving to intermediate. making it a good first reef break along with Lazy Left. Left and rights, holds up to 4ft with 300m rides.

photo credit @samiathulin

photo credit @samiathulin

photo credit @samiathulin

photo credit @samiathulin

Weligama, Fisherman’s Reef

Long paddle out from the mosque in Weligama, new marina for local fishing boats making it easier and more crowded. One side has a very very shallow reef, better take a local surf guide, even a fishermen boat ride if you don’t want to lose all your energy to paddle out.

Peeling 300m right break that holds between 3 and 5ft, works well in a big swell. 800m paddle out from a beach entry point, near Weligama harbor across very shallow reef. Possible to pay a fisherman to take you. We would recommend you take a local knowledgeable surfer who can guide you round the reef, it is very shallow in parts so take care of your paddle out route as the reef has notched up a few board repairs. Since it is marina with a lot of fishermen, the water is not so clean… Perfect at sunrise though.

Weligama Sand Beach

Weligama, is about a two kilometre stretch of shallow sandy beach. The bay is protected somewhat from the wind, if the rest of the coast is blown it can be better here. The waves are usually very small and can be full of close outs. 20-25 min tuktuk/bus ride from Mellow.

Easily be surfed when small, holds up to 5ft. A big swell on a beginners break is kook carnage with boards flying everywhere, very entertaining to watch. This place is very crowded so expect learner drop-ins and be careful not to get injured. Since the bay is full of fishermen and marina activity, the water can be very blurry and not so clean. Not recommended for swim but can chill at the beach.

Mirissa Beach

Mirissa is a beautiful crescent shaped, sandy beach surrounded by palm trees. 30-40 min tuktuk/bus ride from Mellow. You can surf a low power right-hander over reef break near the rocks and a left-hander near the harbor.  Works really well with a good swell up to 6ft, however check the local tides as the reef can become shallow when the tide is out.  Good for beginner and intermediate surfers to build confidence on a reef. However reefs can be dangerous for the beginners, better check where to enter with locals at the beach.