Mellow Staff


Deniz - "Boss"

Deniz started Mellow to bring together like-minded people, nomads, surfers, and travelers to inspire a mellow lifestyle - just like the space and the location offers. He is the last one you'd guess would be the owner.. you can find him cleaning the rooms one day or enjoying a beer as a guest another. If you see someone with a Turkish accent and beard talking a lot about surfing and life, that's him!


Ilgi- "The Accelerator"

She is around all the time and makes sure things are running smoothly. Illy makes sure our multiple lines of internet are humming, arranges airport transfers, puts together music events, and makes sure that you have a smile on your face.

Gamze - "The Eye"

She makes us look good. She is a beautiful mural artist. She throws some workshops or auctions during her stay. Stay tunes during the season! 


Ranil Lalitha - "Night Owl"

He is our night guard, a handy man, and also Kumara's brother! If you give him a nice smile he might just even climb a coconut tree for you!


Tina - "The Muse"

A storyteller, a problem-solver, a dreamer yet a realist. She creates the comfort in a mood swing and a paradise in a limbo. All dreams need an inspiration to come alive and she is the sun of Mellow.


Cihan - "The Rider"

Surf manager/instructor- From Costa Rica to Japan, he surfed all kinds of waves for many years. He represented Turkey in several national competitions around the world. If you don't see him surfing at the Rock, then you can catch him in our terrace for a post surf beer!

Bandula - "5 Star Foodie"

Bandula makes magic, not food. From tacos to pizza, BBQ to falafel bowls, and burgers to delicious wraps... His food is sure to make you say "YUM." He has worked in many surf camps and 5 star hotels. He throws Sri Lankan cooking classes as well. Hit to desk to get more info if you are keen.


Ruwan Kumara - "Smile n' Wave"

It's unlikely that you'll find Kumara without a smile that warms your heart. He has a deep connection with this island, and takes care taking to the next level... he is not just security, but also guards Mellow from any unfortunate events or beliefs.